Custom Built Fat Wheel sets

Having built many custom fatbike wheels Slam69 have decided to offer the built price package. Of course if you wish to have different colours this can be done as all wheels are built to order.


The components of the build are what Slam69 have found to be the best value taking weight and build quality into account.

Rims are the DT 710 aluminium versions, easily as light if not lighter than many expensive carbon rims costing double the price at 675g per rim.


Other specifications are, ERD 549, Outer width 81 mm. Height 17 mm.

The hubs used are the New Hope Pro4 Fatsno’s. Simply the best hubs bar none. Beautifully made, great performance and totally future proof. Plus you get the best backup on the planet from this British company.


The wheels are offered all wheels configurations as well as spares to swap them should you find you next frames has different fitments.

The wheels can be order via the slam69 website or you can contact the guys and discuss other options via their facebook page, or by email at



2 thoughts on “Custom Built Fat Wheel sets

  1. Hi guys , how much will the BR 710 with a 170mm hope hub built and DT Swiss silver spokes.?
    Only the rear I need
    Posted up to Scotland

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