The real King of Dirt

IMG_8956The humble jump bike, a simple, singlespeed 26″ wheeled bike with a low slung frame, made to be agile and strong, small enough to stay out of the way of your body and legs, yet big enough for the big boys of this sport to stay in full control… with the aid of some skill and a bit of luck.


Polish bike brand Dartmoor Bikes have been in this sport for years now and they are the makers of what is probably the worlds best value, best designed jump frame out there.

fmbThe Dartmoor Two6 Player lives up to its name, its a real world class player and is the choice of two of the worlds best, Tomas Zejda, currently ranked 4th in the FMB world rankings and Szymon Godzeik currently 8th.



Tomas Zejda 1st place, Budapest Downmall.


Tomas Zejda, Night of Freestyle, Bremen

The bones of the bike are the frame and at just £185, its a total no brainer, that mixed in with a frame that will not break and boy have the riders tried. Of corse all frames come with a no quibble warranty but so far in the Dartmoor UK have not had a frame break in 4 years.


Dartmoor Thorn Cranks adorn the Two6






Manitou Circus forks on this baby. Dartmoor Red spokes.


So if your looking for the perfect bike for your local bike park, dirt jumps, pump-track, look no further. OK so where do I buy one? I hear you shout, well this is a good place to start



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