MRP Bluto add-on


If you run Rockshox Bluto forks on your fatbike you’ll probably be aware of them blasting through the travel if you like them plush.

Of course you can pop some volume spacers in under the air cap but this is a faff and you can’t adjust them on the fly, so when we heard about the new Ramp control cartridge from MRP we thought we’d give it a try.

Basically it replaces the air cap with an adjustable cartridge, which actually works really well.

The cartridge with the orange adjuster removed ready to fit. The tiny nut holds the adjuster on.



Apply a small amount of grease to the o-ring, then tighten with a cassette lockring tool.



Pop the adjuster on.


Fit the small nut with an 11mm socket and tighten to hold orange adjuster on, before inflating to the pressure you normally run. Pop on the valve cap and give it a try.

If you’re still unsure how to fit here’s a video


So how does it perform?

I have to say the adjustment actually does work even with just half a turn. There are 18 notches to help fine tune.

Being able to adjust on the go is bangon and means you can get things just how you want them without tools and fiddling with tokens.

The cartridge isn’t cheap at £139 but if you feel being able to get the most from your forks is important, it is definitely worth considering.

Available for most forks out there; not just Bluto’s. Slam69 are now stocking them and can supply Bluto’s with the upgrade fitted.



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