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Fatbike that’s not fat?

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Lights lights lights

A few weeks back I went to Brecon for a day out on the mountain bike and on the way passed a time trial going on near Abergavenny.

The main reason I noticed it and still remember is the fact the vast majority had the new rear day lights on their bikes. You just could not miss them way into the distance.

This just reinforced my feelings on road bikes and being seen.

The type of lights available now are stunning and won’t break the bank.

As a cyclist myself I find the number of riders every Sunday dressed from head to toe in black with no lights or a tiny glimmer from an old type light in the day bewildering, let alone in fog and rain.

Cyclists constantly complain about near misses myself included but if we just thought about day lights things would definitely improve.

This rear light from #Cygolite is a great example of what’s on offer and it’s just £29.99.

They also offer some fantastic front lights such as…

At just £55.99 this one hell of a light. a strip of small leds for the day with the option of 500 lumens of night light.

These are just two examples of a simple addition to your bike that can save your life.

More lights here

Gloucester off-road cycling…

3638404360_3601f128d2For many years now the area around Gloucester has seen a growing mountain bike scene but 2016 is set to be one to remember with even more places to ride getting the go ahead.

Some projects have come and gone but the riders and the will to develope places to ride still remains…

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